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Animal and Synthetic or Herbal Hormone Production – -Which do you want?

Our goal is to get the body to make new tissue. The new tissue or cells would be the hormones that your body’s glands, the (endocrine system) produce to help the body function.

Hormones are defined by all medical dictionaries as substances which are produced in glands. We are going to talk about the female hormone
called estrogen. Estrogen is the female hormone produced primarily in the female reproductive system. It has been found that the female hormone
production can be in balance even when the female body has had a hysterectomy.
This includes the ovaries, the tubes and uterus.

Science does not know where the estrogen production comes from,
but there is strong evidence to show that the rest of the endocrine system can
and does produce estrogen in the female body. Estrogen production is best in
those ladies that are whole and has not had the surgery.

Let’s look at the female hormone problem. The problem will be solved by either the scientific way or with natural common sense. The doctors of course, when there is a female problem would rather do surgery on the part of your body that do not work properly. And this doesn’t help because now you have to take synthetic hormones.

There are many chemical synthetics in the drug scene today. Many
natural doctors want to give you natural hormones which come from animals which are called protomorphogens. This means that the ovaries or other parts of the animals are ground up and animal estrogen is extracted from a horse, pig or a cow. We believe this to be a synthetic to the human body. This brings me to this question; Do I want the male hormone from a bull or horse?

It seems logical then that we would want our own hormones. The surgery, chemical synthetics, hormone substitutes from animals are not a valid long range solution to hormone imbalance and create a dependence on drugs.

The natural choice is to go back to food, exercise and healthy thinking. The human body was created to produce estrogen or testosterone if it gets the right food. If the body is only fed sugar coated cereals over a long period of time, how many hormones will it produce, not very many at all. The hormone production is decreased. If we used foods or herbs that have some history behind it to give the body a chance to produce its’ own hormones, this would be the natural choice.

For the female body, foods like red raspberry leaves, damiana,
oriental plants called ho shou wu, and dong quai, supply to the female body
those foods, those energies, enzymes, vitamins and minerals that the female
human body needs to produce its’ own estrogen.

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